Nothing is as individual as Redwell!

A major advantage of an Infrared heating system is that it saves large amounts of energy. Additional and equally impressive advantages are easy and flexible installation, lifelong maintenance-free operation and good design. The heating units can be installed on walls or ceilings, using concealed brackets. All you need is a power socket.

Redwell provides warmth, as it should be.

Designed to exceed today’s toughest environmental and economic demands. Highest quality, greatest flexibility and compelling features characterize all the heating elements.

This intelligent solution provides the individual with huge planning flexibility allowing each element to be selected to meet your specific requirements.

Infrared waves

Warmth means harmony for body and soul and is a key indicator for quality of life and living conditions.

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Infrared is wellness warmth

We humans have evolved the capacity to absorb infrared heat, which in turn has a beneficial effect on our immune system.

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Quality made in Austria

Our objective is to develop first-class solutions and to implement them to a sufficiently high standard to satisfy the expectations of our customers.

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Working principle

The disadvantages of a conventional heating and the benefits of infrared heating systems.

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The most important advantages of REDWELL infrared heating in comparison to other infrared heating systems as well as to conventional heating technologies.

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90 months warranty

We keep what we promise and we offer you an unlimited warranty of 90 months.

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Our intelligent design solutions can offer you a great range of possibilities to match your individual requirements.

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