All around supplied with Redwell

Redwell is ideal for new builds, especially passive houses, as well as refurbishment and renovation projects. They can be used in private or public buildings, domestic or commercial environments. All these benefits mean infrared heating is becoming an increasingly important alternative.


Example for a Redwell implementation

No. (see picture)


(in Watt)


(1) Living-/dining room 1.650 Watt WE800 Private Print heating (830 Watt)
(2)     R800 Enamelled heating white (830 Watt)
(3) Bedroom 1.250 Watt WE600 Picture heating (630 Watt)
      WE600 white (630 Watt)
(4) Children's room 1 650 Watt R900 Blackboard heating (890 Watt)
  Children's room 2 600 Watt WE600 white (630 Watt)
(5) Bathroom 650 Watt R800 Mirror heating (830 Watt)
(6) Kitchen 700 Watt R900 Blackboard heating (890 Watt)
  Toilet 300 Watt WE250 (250 Watt)
  Corridor 600 Watt R600 Mirror hetaing(630 Watt)
6.400 Watt
10 heating panels with 7.040 watt total power

This example shows how Redwell infrared heaters can be installed in a house or a flat and is for reference only. The costs depend on different parameters, for example the layer, the building construction as well as the chosen equipment.

Reference Penthouse

Reference Production hall