Infrared waves

Infrared heat waves can be felt, but not smelt or seen. This is implied by the name: The prefix "infra" from Latin, means "below", or "beyond". So we are talking about electromagnetic waves, which are “below-red” in the visible light spectrum. The Infrared band covers a range of wavelengths between 780 and one million nanometres. The human eye can not perceive these wavelengths. To help explain this, a single human hair is about 70,000 nanometres thick. Infrared waves are therefore invisible to us, but we know that they are there because we can feel it on our skin.

Our elements mainly emit low-impact, long-wave infrared-C waves, which penetrate and warm solids.

The difference is in the air.

Unlike conventional systems, Redwell heating systems heat the walls, ceilings and furnishings and not the air itself. Walls retain heat much longer than air and return warmth to the room. And as there is no circulation of the air, less dust is circulated too.