Pleasant warmth in your hotel and gastronomy throug infrared heat

Good heating
in hotel and catering

Guest friendly. Efficient. Controllable. And a stylish design.

A heating should be pleasant for the guest. As well as easy to use – uncomplicated. It is an additional relaxation factor – hidden in the background.

At the Kinderhotel Zell am See a living room has been fitted with a Redwell picture heating.

Redwell Infrared heating systems

an optimal solution for your offered premises

From the point of view of the hotel owner, heating should be effective, virtually maintenance-free and with low investment costs.

Redwell infrared heating systems are energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

  • Unlike other heaters, infrared heaters do not primarily heat the air. It heats solid objects, the furniture, and also the walls.
  • Walls are good heat storage.
  • Higher wall surface temperatures give more comfort. Lower room temperatures are not so noticeable.
  • Infrared heaters responsible for less ventilation losses – so the heat does not evaporate by itself.

A modern bathroom with a Redwell towel dryer.

Kinderhotel in Zell am See

is completely heated with Redwell infrared heating systems.

If Stefanie and Peter Haidvogl from the Kinderhotel Zell am See want to switch on the heating in their hotel, they simply access the smartphone and can thus control each room individually. Danfoss’ app-driven technology makes it possible. The intelligent room thermostats with their numerous control options offer many functions and more comfort for the hotelier and his guests.

Mountain landscapes act the foyer from the Kinderhotel in Zell am See.

Picture heating

replace convection heaters

Outstanding are the new Redwell-infrared panels, which  replace the old, unlovely convection heaters from now on. The radiant heat produces not only a pleasant climate in the rooms, but is also a lot more efficient. The new infrared wave heatings do not heat the air itself but heat the ceilings and the walls. Consequently the heat is retained much longer in the walls and returns warmth to the room.

The energy saving potential of the new infrared heatings with modern regulation is enormous.

Plug in, turn on… Heating can be so simple – in the whole hotel.
The Redwell-Team is pleased to support you with the individual planning of the heating elements and their ideal placement in your home. Years and years of experience provide a professional implementation – the 10-years-warranty speaks for itself.

A picture of a landscape decorates a rustic room.

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