Redwell Company history

From developments in the garage to a globally successful branded product

  • 1998

    Every beginning...

    Initial contact with Russian produced infrared heating elements, sales of drying units for the construction industry under the former name WLL

  • 2000

    ...is hard

    Russian manufacture stops the production, beginning of the development of an infrared heating unit in the garage at home, cooperation with GSF Institute for Ecology and Health in Munich

  • 2001

    Re-location from garage to former carpenter’s workshop, first prototypes, experiments with bonding materials

  • 2002


    First heating unit leaves production line for sale, production moves to Hartberg, fabrication line with two employees

  • 2003

    Ökopark and TÜV

    Production moves to Ökopark Hartberg, adaptation to accommodate specially developed adhesives, serial production and expansion of product range,WLL name changed to IHS Infrarot Heizsysteme Ltd. TÜV product,and production-line certification, IHS logo registered as a trademark
  • 2005

    Expansion into Workshop 2. New logo (Redwell), marketing campaign, trademark and sample protection, printed IHS packaging, development of heating units for Canada and USA

  • 2007

    Redwell international

    Quality is our top priority; QM system implented (EN ISO9001:2000 and 1400:2004), expansion into workshop 4 (increase in production capacity with new machinery), Certification by CSA for UL,ISO: First sales in USA, Canada and Mexico,, sales in more than 20 countries

  • 2009

    Redwell rises…

    Expansion of premises (office rooms and production hall). The company’s sophisticated heating technology is now represented on the international market in over 30 countries.

  • 2010

    New name

    From now on, we are called "Redwell Manufaktur GmbH"

  • 2011


    Moving to a new building in Ökopark Hartberg, extension of the production area to 3.600 m², new developing area

  • 2012

    New, new, new

    Sales manual and new brand performance, new development of products and tests with new climate chambers, plannings of competence center at the "Ökopark"

  • 2013

    90 month warranty

    Warranty extension from 60 to 90 months, Redwell towel dryer with its integrated controll system captures the market, quality intensification through technical enhancements, first exhibition from Redwell Manufaktur with a new 80m² booth, opening of a research and development center

  • 2014

    Building a new hall for production and developement

    Move of the head office to Rotenturm, certification as „Leitbetrieb AT“, further development of new standing models and bathroom heatings, building of an additional production plant with 900m² with stock and recreation room at the new registration site in RT, new Redwell Stores in Austria

  • 2015

    Distinguished innovation

    Launch of „2IN1 - Heat & Light“, won the Red Dot Award and the Energy Globe Award of Burgenland, Energy Globe Award national: among the top five projects, State Prize Clean Technology Austria: among the top three projects

  • 2017


    The innovation product „2in1“ distinguished with German Design Award 2017.

  • 2018

    10 years warranty

    Because we are sure of what we do.

  • 2019

    International Design-Award

    The innovation product „2in1“ distinguished with Good Design Award.

  • 2020

    Tower 3IN1 distinguished again

    The „Tower 3IN1“ distinguished with German Design Award 2020. Location expansion and move of the head office to Hartberg.

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