Working principle

Working principle of infrared heating

Infrared heating...

The fundamental principle is that with infrared, solids are heated and not the air.

Functionality and design - both in one product

Conventional heatings are from yesterday...

  • Moisture in the air condenses on the cold walls, resulting in mould and damp walls
  • Constant air movement circulates dust
  • Temperature differences cause drafts

Energy and power-efficient heat

Healthy advantages of heating the solids

Cooler breathing air is far healthier than warmer - just think of a relaxing winter walk!

With "thick air" you have to ventilate more often and this also implies a loss of energy - literally not only the money, but also the heat out of the window. This is not the case with infrared heat, because here the walls are heated instead of the air. In addition, warm air that condenses on a cold wall (corner) can result in harmful mould growth.

The benefits of a Redwell infrared heating system

The advantages of Redwell infrared heating

  • Objects and walls remain dry and emit heat
  • Infrared heat has a positive effect on people
  • Cheaper comased to other heating systems and saves energy during operation

Functional elegance

Physically advantages of infrared heating

  • The warming of rooms, inventories and the warming of human bodies creats a heat storage
  • Longer storing of energy through the building
  • Once the room has reached the desired temperature, the heater will turn off until it is needed to replenish the store.

Infrared heating is radiant heat - so there is no air and dust circulation. The air temperature remains cooler than the wall temperature and this is a great advantage from a health point of view.

From the presentation by Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil Claus Meier.

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