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Warranty terms - updated July 2022


We provide a 10-years-warranty* for your infrared heating element, starting from the date of purchase or of delivery. Within this warranty time we will regulate free of charge upon presentation of the invoices all apparent production and material defects by repair and/or replace the defective parts and (by our choice) substitute an equally flawless article.

The condition for this warranty is, that the infrared heating element has been properly assembled, treated and cared for. Claims which go beyond our warranty are excluded. The warranty when justified includes only the repair of the infrared heating element. Further claims and liabilities for eventual consequential damages are basically excluded.

Excluded from the guarantee are:

  • optical defects on the surface or coating that do not affect the function of the heater. Here is the statutory warranty of 24 months. Electronic components are subject to a statutory warranty period of 24 months.
  • This warranty does not refer to parts, which are subject to natural abrasion (parts subject to wear) or to defects caused during shock, faulty use, moisture, or due to other external factors and insufficient heating due to incorrect dimensioning.
  • Clicking sounds, which can occur due to the thermal expansion and uneven surfaces on the wall and ceiling, present no reason for complaint and do not impair heating characteristics.
  • Heating elements with glass surface can have appearances of small indentations from the rollers which are used during the glass production. These appearances can be noticed as distortion. These characteristics are specific for the products and are no reasons for a complaint.

*except for the WE-LINE light frame: here we grant a 2-year guarantee from the date of issue of the invoice.

In case of warranty, please send the infrared heating element with invoice or delivery note and including the date on which you received the heating element, as well as a detailed description of the defects, all carefully packaged directly to the service center:


T: +43 (0) 3332/61105
F: +43 (0) 3332/61105-14

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