Infrared heating – systems for your whole home

Feel pleasant infrared warmth - in your own four walls.

Heat your whole home – easily and fast – with pleasant and healthy warmth.

“No dust, no mud, no oil smoke! The best purchase decision ever!”
This is just one statement from a satisfied Redwell-customer. Her whole home is heated with Redwell infrared heating systems now.

The woman from Eaststyria came to Redwell because of information about an auxiliary heater primary. The large Redwell range and the high quality of the products have convinced her – the whole new building (useful area for living: 60 m2) is equipped with Redwell infrared heating panels.

The Redwell picture heating diffused pleasant, healthy warmth in the beautiful bedroom.

The individuality of the infrared heating elements

has particularly convinced.

Perfectly integrated into the living space and hidden as “objects of art”, the panels warm the rooms of the modern new building – incognito with style.
Especially the “Oststeirerin” is very inspired by the Picture heating:
The famous Klimt-Picture “Der Kuss” decorates the wall and enriches the bedroom with pleasant warmth – it is an eye-catcher as well!

In the kitchen and dining area

sunflowers and red poppies are shining from the walls.

Redwell Picture heatings are available in different sizes and in different capacities.

A stylish standing model

is already a good alternative to the picture motifs on the walls from the living and the bedrooms.

For instance the Pipewave or the Tower.
Because of the „all-around“-heating surfaces, these heating systems produce an enormous heating power and can heat about 360°radius.

You prefer an simple and timeless variation? Our recommendation: WE-Line – the Redwell standard panel.

A popular and practical variation in the kitchen:
our Redwell black board heating.

The writable heater can be used as a “oversize shopping list”. Or you can leave messages for your partner on it – with love.
In the nursery the kids can try first draw- and writing attempts on it. Practical and useful.
The blackboard heating is available in 3 sizes and you will find the right model certainly.

The classics

in the bathroom are uncontroversial

Hidden as a mirror or as a towel dryer, the infrared heating systems spread pleasant warmth in the bathroom.
The towel dryer is available in different surfaces and sizes. Just install a room thermostat or switch it on with an integrated lightened on-off button.
A real „must have“ in the bathroom or for instance in the foyer is a mirror. The Redwell mirror heating can also give his pleasant warmth into the rooms – a positive side effect. Why not?!

Plug in, turn on…

Heating can be so simple – in your whole home.

The Redwell-Team is pleased to support you with the individual planning of the heating elements and their ideal placement in your home. Years and years of experience provide a professional implementation – the 10-years-warranty speaks for itself.

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