Infrared waves

Infrared heating for a better sense of living

Invisible waves for more quality of life.

Infrared waves

Warmth is healing - that was already known by the ancient peoples. They buried themselves in hot desert sand or heated stones to relieve discomfort or enhance well-being. Warmth is an essential factor for living and quality of life.

Invisible heat
Infrared heat waves can be felt, but not smelt or seen. This is implied by the name: The prefix "infra" from Latin, means "below", or "beyond". So we are talking about electromagnetic waves, which are “below-red” in the visible light spectrum.

Redwell - infrared heating for pleasant warmth

Infrared heat is crude

Infrared- vs. conventional heating

Compared to conventional radiators, Redwell infrared heating systems heat the entire masonry instead of the room air. Walls store heat much longer than air and return it to the living space. So the walls stay dry and mould does not have a chance. In addition, the air is not circulated and thus no dust is whirled up - that pleases especially the allergy sufferers.

Give warmth and optical accent

Infrared is wellness warmth

We humans have evolved with the capacity to absorb infrared heat, which in turn has a beneficial effect on our immune system.

Dr. Tadishi Ishikawa designed the first model of an infrared cabin in Japan in 1967. This system was initially only used by doctors. In 1981, the Infrared sauna for general public use was released. Since then it has proved very successfully in the private sector as well as by professionals such as doctors and therapists in clinics and spas, to support their treatment.

Pleasant, healthy warmth

Infrared heat increases circulation in the skin, stimulates the metabolism, is very hygienic due to cleaner air and has a detoxifying effect. Rheumatoid patients respond to a lack of air circulation and a consistent humidity is very positive. Asthmatic patients also benefit from clean air and stable humidity. Allergy sufferers can breathe a deep sigh of relief because there is less dust, pollen, bacteria and mould spores in the air.

In addition, infrared heat has the advantage over other heating methods that the emitted heat penetrates the human body to a greater extent. This not only strengthens the immune system, but also helps to compensate exposure from electro-smog better .

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