Tower 3IN1

Heating, light and music Tower 3IN1

Timeless design and practical background.

Tower 3IN1 - heating, light and sound stylishly combined

The heating system TOWER connects comfortable warmth with linearly design.
As an innovative infrared heating element, it has an enormous heating capacity of 800 watt due to four heating surfaces and can heat its 360° degree environment. The heat spreads pleasant warmth quickly and energy-saving into the desired rooms.

Because of its trendsetting radiation technology the design is simple, elegant and timeless.

The 1,6m high Tower 3IN1 is equipped with light and sound – via bluetooth from “Marmitek” and high-quality loudspeakers. Hence the Tower 3IN1 gets two useful additional functions and is a great eye-catcher.

With its timeless design and the practical background the Tower 3IN1 brings enjoyable warmth, pleasant light and harmonically music stylishly into your rooms.

Light, sound and innovative infraredheating technology in one gadget.

Detail pictures from the high-quality Tower 3IN1 - in red...



Aluminium powder coated, RAL 9016


IP40 (power plug), 230 Volt, 50 Hz


standing model

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years warranty


Tower 3IN1


950 watt (heating wattage)


approx. 27 kg


317 x 317 x 1.586 mm


Aluminium powder coated, RAL 9016


the standard chrome standing feet is adjustable for height


Loudspeacker: Audac Ø 225 mm incl. Bluetooth-control, resistance: 8 Ohm Light: neutral white, incl. acryl cover, 24V/1A


heating system: 10 years warranty, light- and loudspeaker box: 2 years warranty

Herewith we would like to inform you that according to the EU Ecodesign Directive 2009/125/EG the regulation 2015/1188 laying down ecodesign requirements for local space heaters has been issued. The installation and implementation of infrared heatings is only allowed in combination with an external room thermostat fulfilling the following function: electronic room temperature control with day timer and distance control and/or open windows detection and/or with adaptive start control.

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