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Leitbetriebe Austria

Redwell fulfills the high requirements for Leitbetriebe Austria: Sustainable company success, innovation and social responsibility rank first for the certification.

Redwell: proved and recommended by IBR

Redwell achieves a further quality and health relevant certificate, which confirms the harmlessness of the used core material.

CE-declaration of conformity

Redwell Manufaktur GmbH declares that the specified heating element conforms to the EMC-Directive and the EU Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EG.

TÜV Nord

Certification for a production plant, which are provided with a TÜV Nord safety sign.


Russian federation-certification

GS - proved equipment safety

Certificate, which verifies that the Redwell products are conform with the requirements for the Equipment and Product Safety Act

Universal Design

A quality brand for products, which are technically safe, easy to use and long-lasting and which keep their aesthetic and attractive appearance for generations.
With a certified Redwell product the customer possesses a high quality, suitable for the daily use and safe product.


As the market leader in infrared heating the Redwell Manufaktur GmbH has numerous product patents, registered trademarks as well as the legal protection of registered designs.



Energy Globe Award Burgenland 2015

Red Dot Award

The device received a Red Dot Award: Product Design for 2015.


State Prize 2015 Clean Technology Austria

The "2IN1 - Heat & Light" is one of the top 3 projects.