Are infrared heatings expensiv?

Costs of an infrared heater

compared to conventional heating methods

At every house building or renovation, you sooner or later get to the point where you have to deal with the heating system. For anyone who is looking for a sustainable low-cost solution, the quest is over now. With Redwell infrared heating systems, asset and heating costs are limited. We decided to let the hard facts and numbers speak for themselves. .

Overview heating systems and comparison of costs

Asset and heating costs for a one-family house per year

The asset and heating costs for a one-family house (new building, year of construction: 2015) with a size of 200m²:

The question, if infrared heaters are expensive can now be answered with a clear conscience: No!

Why are infrared heatings not as expensive as other heating solutions?

Redwell infrared heaters protect the environment and are extremely energy-efficient.

That results due to several reasons, which are connected with the properties from infrared rays.

  • Infrared heatings do not primarily heat the air like other heaters, but rather predominantly solid objects, including all furniture, but also the walls.
  • The walls are very good heat accumulators.
    This means that the stored heat will last really long.
  • Higher temperatures of a wall surface exude more comfort. Lower room temperatures are not that noticeable.
  • Infrared heaters enable less ventilation losses – the heat therefore evaporates less by itself..

Are you also thinking about using an infrared heater as the main hating for your home?
Or do you want to insert the warming energy of the Infrared rays only in desired rooms?
We are happy to advise you about the various options and prepare a noncommittal cost estimate for you about the costs of using our products as primary heating.

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